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Do you have a deep-seated interest in people and want to help them celebrate their big day? Do you need an interesting career that will allow you to work on your own schedule, yet still be able to make a living? Becoming a celebrant might...

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What is Celebrancy?

Celebrancy is a term that encompasses many different aspects of the work celebrants do. In its most basic form, it’s about celebrating life events and providing spiritual guidance or wisdom to others in need. At times this might also include officiating at weddings and funerals, blessing children or presiding over naming ceremonies.

The Role of a Celebrant

Most people know celebrants as those who preside over weddings. But while this is a major part of their work, they also perform ceremonies for funerals and naming days. They are the ones who guide those in need through difficult times, such as bereavement or divorce. In many ways celebrants have replaced priests at weddings and funeral masses but often go beyond these boundaries to provide counsel on issues that people face in their day-to-day lives.

Civil Celebrancy provides an alternative to the ‘traditional’ religious ceremony.

Many people want a celebrant who understands their beliefs and can help them express those in a personal way, but they don’t want someone pushing any particular faith message on them. Celebrants are also often called when there is no traditional religion involved or where ceremonies need to be adapted for specific cultural needs of the participants.

How Do I Become a Wedding Celebrant in Australia?

There are three different ways to become a celebrant in Australia.

Apprenticeship – The Australian Association for Celebrancy offers an apprenticeship program where people can train over four years and receive their Certificate IV qualification in Celebrancy.

Certificate IV in Celebrancy – The Australian Association for Celebrancy offers online courses as well as a Certificate IV qualification. Both of these allow people to train and earn their celebrant qualifications at the same time by studying part-time, making it possible to become a certified wedding celebrant while continuing with other responsibilities like work or study.

Diploma of Celebrancy – The Australian Association for Celebrant offers the Diploma in Celebrancy which takes one year to complete and is a more intensive study program.