What is a commis pastry chef?

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If you are involved in the job market, or have an interest in the hospitality industry, you might have come across the job title ‘commis pastry chef’. In this blog, we are going to cover exactly what a commis pastry chef is, and what one does. Read on!

A commis pastry chef can be described as an entry-level chef who is receiving training specifically in the area of pastries; from croissants to pies, strudels and pretzels. While a commis chef can be seen as being the first rung on the cheffing ladder, it is an excellent opportunity to learn the trade, and a commis pastry chef will be given the tools necessary to specialise in a particular area of cooking.

What does a commis pastry chef do?
So, aside from making pastries, what could a day in the life of a commis pastry chef involve? One basic duty will be to assist more senior chefs, namely a chef de partie, with their tasks in the kitchen. They will help with just about anything, from preparing ingredients needed for pastries to cooking.

A commis pastry chef could also be expected to receive deliveries of ingredients, being there early to help unpack deliveries and ensure that the contents are stored properly. This leads into another key element of the role – stock rotation – which will ensure that the ingredients in the pastry section are used before their expiry date.

Measuring ingredients is another feature of the role, with set amounts of ingredients needed to make the pastries and their fillings ready for chefs to start using them. It will be important that these measurements are accurate. Then there is cleaning – a commis pastry chef can play a key role in keeping the pastry station clean, in order to guard against potential food contamination. Cleaning is done with regularity, and can also focus on health and safety, such as cleaning up spills which could cause falls.

A commis pastry chef is on his or her way to learning much more about making pastries, and developing their wider skills as a chef.

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