What is an Executive Assistant?

Executive Assistant

Executive assistants are in high demand, and there’s no better time than now to get started! An entry level position usually requires someone who has attended university or TAFE. However you can still land an executive assistant job by working your way up through another company like receptionist duties at the first location; this will give employers more opportunity for experience while also providing valuable work within their organization – something everyone should do if possible!

The role of an executive assistant is to help the executives they work with day-to-day. This can include taking notes during meetings, scheduling appointments and events, answering emails or phone calls that come in for them, sending out correspondence on their behalf as well as managing data bases of contacts.

Here are the top tasks an executive assistant does:

  • Schedule phone calls and meetings;
  • Prepare presentations for their boss, including research or PowerPoint slides;
  • Manage their boss’s schedule;
  • Prepare travel plans, arrange hotel accommodations and rental cars;
  • Keep track of files or notes on projects that are in progress for their boss;
  • Coordinate with other assistants to ensure all the arrangements are made correctly;
  • Manage social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, updating information regularly;
  • Serve on conference calls or in meetings with clients on behalf of their boss;
  • Keep track of client contact information and the status of projects that involve them;
  • Review material written by the executive before it is submitted to clients or customers;
  • Write letters, memos and reports for their boss as needed.

How to become an Executive Assistant

Although formal qualifications are not essential to become an Executive Assistant, it may be advantageous for those who plan on pursuing one of the many career paths in this field.

Qualifications worth considering undertaking are:

Certificate III in Business Administration

Certificate IV in Business (Administration)


What can I earn as an Executive Assistant?

The average salary of an executive assistant in Australia is between $77,000 and $84,000 per year. While national average wages for this position has increased by around 65% over recent years; EA salaries have also slightly risen to be on par with the national average.

In conclusion, an executive assistant is an extremely important part of any company. Not only do they ensure that things run smoothly, but their boss can focus on other tasks without having to worry about the little details which are taken care of for them.

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