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Are you on the hunt for a new job and unsure when to start? We recommend considering whether the companies currently hiring for are right for you, as well as whether you are right for them and fulfil their requirements.

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a helpful list of the top organisations looking to recruit new staff at the moment, as well as a few tips about their corporate cultures and commitments to doing good in the world. Always remember: although businesses operating within the same sector may look interchangeable on the surface, each possesses its own set of values that combine to make the experience of working there unique.

1. Atlassian

Atlassian creates digital tools designed to facilitate teamwork. It should come as no surprise, then, that the company is committed to the power of working together and embraces collaboration within all of its team. To join Atlassian, you will need to demonstrate an ability to get on with others and let go of certain individualistic propensities.

With over 170,000 companies subscribed to its products and over 4,000 apps available on its virtual marketplace, Atlassian is clearly doing something right. Indeed, the venture continues to see impressive growth despite being relatively young, allowing it to offer a cornucopia of amazing employment opportunities for everyone from young graduates to seasoned tech professionals.

If you join the company, you will need to buy into its key values. These include total honesty and clarity, commitment to playing as a team, sustainable growth that is carried out with kindness and working always with the customer’s needs in mind. As part of its generous culture, Atlassian has made the promise to put 1% of all profits back into community projects, as well as having donated $132 million in community licenses for its products. If corporate responsibility is close to your heart, you would be hard pushed to find a more suitable employer than Atlassian.

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2. Canva

If you’ve ever been challenged with designing a poster, webpage, greetings card or desktop background, you may well have encountered Canva before. This online design business is one of the most successful start-ups to have come out of Australia in recent years, and it is only set to keep growing. Since its launch, over 400,000,000 designs have been created using Canva, demonstrating how easy, intuitive and effective it is as a piece of software. The company offers a range of subscription rates, ranging from a basic free account to professional accounts suited to marketing professionals and others in need of a reliable design programme.

In terms of the kinds of professionals Canva is looking for, there is a wide range of teams to suit different talents and skills including sales, design, engineering, data, marketing, product management, business strategy, and product support. With so many teams working together, the organisation is committed to supporting cohesion between colleagues by nurturing a caring and enjoyable work environment. If you secure a position at Canva, expect an array of excellent perks including employee mentorship and growth sessions, flexible working hours, sports and social clubs for outside of work hours, complimentary breakfast and lunch, free gym membership, and much more.

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3. TikTok

It’s hard to find fault with TikTok. As the leading platform for short-form video content, this young business venture has already brought heaps of joy to people all around the world. Thanks to its newfound success, TikTok is expanding quickly and welcoming plenty of fresh new talent to its teams. Whether your skills lie in business strategy, operations, research and development, marketing, design, or sales, it is highly likely there is something for you to get involved in at this dynamic organisation.

In terms of company culture, TikTok is committed to helping young people who use their platform to make a positive change in the world. As the 2020s roll on, it is becoming increasingly clear that social media plays an important role in how political issues are discussed and understood around the world today. TikTok is acutely aware of this, which is why they have been investing in a programme known as TikTok For Good, which runs campaigns designed to have a positive impact on the planet and those who inhabit it. Its #ForClimate campaign, for example, saw the company partner up with the Red Cross to spread climate change awareness through special filters, effects and stickers on its platform. If this sounds like something you can get on board with, don’t hesitate to check out TikTok’s vacancies.

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4. Coles

With over a century of history under its belt, Coles is one of Australia’s longest-running supermarkets. Committed to offering a convenient and friendly service to its customers, the organisation is much more than a supermarket. As well as stocking all of the essential grocery items required by modern Aussie households, Coles offers a speedy delivery service, affordable phone plans, insurance plans, loans, and cost-effective credit card deals.

As well as putting customers at the forefront of its growth and development strategy, Coles is committed to nurturing a company culture offering kindness and generosity. This is reflected, for example, in its commitment to supporting communities around the country via sponsorships and fundraising drives for local charities. In the 2019 financial year, for example, Coles injected over $115 million into community projects encouraging Australians to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. The organisation is also dedicated to supporting Aussie fruit and veg producers, implementing an Australian First Sourcing Policy that is good for the economy, the environment, and the pockets of farmers.

As a Coles employee, therefore, you would be part of something much bigger than your immediate work environment. You would be part of a nationwide project designed to help people lead fulfilling lives and foster kind, cohesive communities from coast to coast.

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5. Woolworths

Boasting over 3,000 stores and a robust cohort of over 200,000 employees, Woolworths is a company you can rely on for job vacancies throughout the year. Sometimes affectionately referred to as Woollies, this company occupies a special place in the heart of many Australians due to its commitment to always offer a family-friendly, community-oriented service.

In terms of career development opportunities, Woolworths is currently experiencing a period of expansion that looks set to continue for a while to come. In this way, your journey with the company could lead to great things for your personal career prospects and overall sense of job satisfaction. Recently, Woolworths laid out its key priorities for the future. These included plans to focus on delivering positive outcomes for team members and customers, to evolve the company drinks business, and to unlock value in the Woolworths portfolio. In other words, to drive ambitious growth whilst staying true to their customers and continuing to offer a high level of service.

If this sounds like something you could be a part of, browse their diverse list of vacancies today.

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6. Commonwealth Bank (CBA)

Commonwealth Bank (also known as CBA) offers integrated financial services and markets itself as being one of Australia’s friendliest and most accessible banks. Keen to provide employment opportunities to a diverse range of job seekers at every career stage, CBA runs a number of excellent programmes including a Summer Intern Programme, a Global Markets Summer Analyst Programme, a Graduate Programme, and a selection of Indigenous Careers Programmes. Indeed, the organisation has pledged to help boost the career prospects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as well as to cultivate a welcoming working environment that celebrates difference.

If this sounds like your kind of company, you’ll be pleased to hear that CBA also offers an unbeatable array of rewards and benefits for its employees. Firstly, it is committed to offering flexible working options such as study leave, parental leave, career breaks, job-sharing arrangements, breaks for moving to a new house, flexible hours, and much more. As well as providing an excellent work-life balance, the organisation offers an income protection scheme, an array of deals and discounts, membership of professional bodies, educational scholarships for employees and their family members, study assistance schemes, private health insurance, and more. There are simply too many perks to list!

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7. Telstra

Telstra is the top telecommunications organisation in Australia, offering a comprehensive range of services designed to keep the country connected. According to Telstra’s list of core values, the business is committed to making complex problems simple, promoting courage, working well together, trusting others, and demonstrating that they care about their customers and employees.

As such, new Telstra employees can expect to join a dynamic team of intelligent professionals committed to riding the ever-changing wave of telecommunications. In such a fast-changing sector, the company is keen to hire people who are adaptable, malleable and able to fail well. In other words, it needs people who can learn from their mistakes and make positive changes to do well by their customers and their colleagues.

Telstra has also set out a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy designed to provide opportunities for under-represented constituencies such as indigenous peoples, members of the LGBTQI+ community, and people who identify as having a disability. In order to stay true to this commitment, the company has put forward a range of diversity targets that they will assess and improve upon on a regular basis. If you are interested in working for an employer willing to put equality and diversity at the forefront of its priorities, Telstra could be the perfect fit.

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8. BHP

BHP is a global resources business that has been an integral part of industrial growth in Australia and around the world for over 150 years. Offering a range of assets including copper, coal, nickel, and iron ore, the organisation considers itself to play an integral role in helping boost economies and, by extension, improve living standards for those with specific social needs.

As part of this dedication to social responsibility, BHP puts local cultures and communities at the forefront of its operations. It works with people across a wide range of localities to deliver community projects and ensure that its operations and investments always align with its commitments to human rights.

In this way, applicants to BHP can rest assured that their prospective employers are driven to uphold the highest standards of corporate responsibility. As well as putting in place stringent governance processes to account for the concerns of its local host communities, BHP is aware of its responsibility to the environment. This means that the organisation will do everything in its power to minimise greenhouse gas emissions, use water resources in a responsible way, and promote biodiversity wherever it can.

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9. AWS Australia

AWS Australia is one of the country’s leading providers of aluminium window and doors. Founded in 1995, the company has built an impeccable reputation for itself as an excellent employer that offers long-term value for homeowners.

Job seekers who apply to AWS Australia can expect to work for a team that strives for sustainable business growth. They can also expect to step into a welcoming work environment that helps to bolster the careers, health and lifestyles of employees.

AWS Australia views collaboration as the key to innovation, so new members of the company will need to display a propensity for resourcefulness, generosity and nimble mindedness. In return, they will enjoy working with a team built on camaraderie. For employees keen to work on themselves, there also a range of e-learning courses on offer.

In terms of the organisation’s social responsibility credentials, AWS Australia is involved in supporting a range of charitable organisation including Aussie Helpers, the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, Movember, and more. It is also involved in various sustainability projects designed to mitigate its environmental impacts.

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10. Bupa

Bupa offers health and care services to people around Australia and is devoted to helping its customers live longer and happier lives. Their services are broad and wide-ranging, including dental healthcare, optical care, retirement services, health insurance, and community wellbeing projects. This means that Bupa vacancies are often diverse, requiring the skills of people with many different kinds of skills and qualifications.

The culture at Bupa is renowned for its generosity of spirit. This should come as no surprise considering the fact that its key company qualities are respect, empathy, honesty and integrity. New employees can expect a working life in which their achievements are recognised and celebrated on a regular basis, as well as a work-life balance unrivalled by scores of other companies.

To help achieve this balance, Bupa offers many perks such as flexible working arrangements, financial support and study leave opportunities, and an international secondment programme. As a healthcare provider, they are also very keen to boost employee health and wellbeing through initiatives such as regular vaccinations, smoking cessation services, discounted gym membership, health checks, and more.

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Other fantastic companies hiring right now include…

11. Google

12. Super Retail Group

13. Accenture

14. PepsiCo

15. Nestle

16. Olympus Australia

18. Deloitte

19. KPMG

20. Bunnings Warehouse

21. Village Roadshow Limited

22. City Beach Australia

23. Schnitz

24. Macquarie University Hospital

25. Myer

26. Accor Australia

27. Torrens University Australia

28. NSW Health Pathology

30. Glue Store

31. The University of Melbourne

32. The Coffee Club

33. Foot Locker

34. Australia Post

35. Australian Defence Force

36. Serco Group

37. ALDI

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